GRIFOLS S A/S ADR (NASDAQ:GRFS) has been falling consistently to new lows. The stock lost 6.25% in the last trading session here is the reason why the stock is hitting new lows. The Barcelona based company has also confirmed approval of Procleix Babesia assay by the FDA. The approval serves as a recognition of an effective multi-center clinical trial carried out under an Investigational New Drug (IND) study.

Procleix Babesia assay is a qualitative assay, and it identifies ribosomal RNA from 4 Babesia species. It is applicable in specimens from human donors and particularly those with whole blood and blood components for transfusion.

Grifols’ dedication in helping health professionals decrease potential risks of donated blood

A majority of transfusion-transmitted infections (TTIs) in the United States are resulting from donated blood. Thus the need for blood screening before any transfusion. Apparently, donated blood from Babesia-infected donors is also a cause of Babesia.

However, the latest dedication by Grifols is likely to avert the causes of TTIs. Thanks to Procleix Babesia assay and its ability to improve blood transfusion safety. “By monitoring new and re-emerging threats to blood supply, we continue… to improve patient safety by delivering innovative solutions on proven and reliable testing platforms,” notes the President of Grifols Diagnostic Commercial Division, Carsten Schroeder.

Procleix systems are more common than any other NAT blood screening product

 Procleix systems have a global use, perhaps because of their efficiency. They have higher usage and screens more blood donations compared to any other product including tests for HIV. The integrated platform eliminates the need for batch processing, and with all the regulatory approvals it offers walk-away freedom.

The approval of Procleix Babesia comes with that of Erytra Eflexis. This is a fully automated, benchtop analyzer system. It uses DG Gel technology to perform pretransfusion compatibility testing. Counting it as an additional milestone for the company, Schroeder says that it was the seventh FDA diagnostic approval in 2018.

Grifols seems to be growing from one strength to another in its three divisions. The company has its presence in 30 countries with about 20,000 employees. It produces plasma-derived medicines used in treating chronic and life-threatening conditions.

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