Pacific Biosciences of California (NASDAQ:PACB) has not failed to impress at this year’s Advanced Genome Biology & Technology (AGBT) with their improvements on their Sequencing technology.

PacBio is a world-class supplier sequencing technology that aid in the resolution of complex genetic problems. Their systems have consumables and software.

PacBio’s stocks have increased in value after the conference. The latest trading session, however, saw a reduction in stocks with the day closing at $7.3 after opening at $7.36 with a high of $7.36 and a low of $7.25.

Pacbio Present Their Precise Sensing Tech

Most of the hype circulated PacBio’s Single Molecule, Real-Time(SMRT®) Sequencing technology that has a portal through which data from the Sequel II System is available to the customers. SMRT Portal has a basic user interface and can analyze and present data in full-length isoforms.

DNA sequencing has for a long time been in the form of very accurate short reads or noisy long reads. With the CCS that has a protocol focusing on a single-molecule, accurate long reads were achieved.

In the AGBT General meeting, PacBio impressed with the accuracy of their Circular Consensus Sequencing (CCS) method.

PacBio’s advancements have revolutionized the study of gene expression from the previous methods. Initially, this study was based on cloning of cDNA and Sanger sequencing which was highly demanding and costly.

An attendee survey conducted post-conference, PacBio’s presentation of how accurate advancements have made the CCS ranked third among the conference’s most memorable presentations.

PacBio’s CSO, Dr. Jonas Korlach, felt the data provided by customers from projects would be a demonstration of how SMRT Sequencing provides precise and dependable data. He said the meeting “has long been the go-to event for innovations in sequencing tools and applications” He later previewed the new Sequel II System which had a higher data output by a factor of about 8.

Additional Events At The Conference

The AGBT Conference of 2019 had the most significant portion of its technology being biological with popular stakeholders such as Nanostrings, NSG among others having advancements in their sectors to present. Observable, was the fact that companies are currently collaborating to provide lasting solutions in lieu of the competition they previously had.

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