Last year, Hemispherx BioPharma, Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN:HEB) revealed the plans to commence Phase 2 study of recurrent ovarian cancer. Notably, the study would evaluate the safety and efficacy of combining Pembrolizumab and Cisplatin for patients with recurrent ovarian carcinoma. The study will be a collaboration between Hemispherx and Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation.

Treatment of ovarian and breast cancer

In the study, Hemispherx will supply the Pembrolizumab drug while Merck will supply Cisplatin. According to the official description, the study will enroll 45 patients under an interventional kind of trial. During the study, researchers aim to find out how well Pembrolizumab and Cisplatin can work towards treatment for tumors. The study will begin on January 31 and anticipated to conclude in four years.

In the same breath, Hemispherx will initiate another study set to examine the effectiveness of another experimental drug. Notably, the study is a joint exercise with Merck and will aim to evaluate Ampligen in combination with Merck’s Keytruda. These are two oncology blockbusters that have received positive feedback from the market.

According to the official statement, the trial will incorporate six participants and will take place at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Notably, the participants will be patients with breast cancer which are significantly spread to other body parts and tissues. As per the company, the oncology study seeks to establish the effectiveness of combining Ampligen-based chemokine modulation therapy with Keytruda treatment.

Research institutions overwhelmingly support Hemisphere’s efforts

Thomas Equels, Hemispherx CEO, said in a statement that the study asserts their aggressive pursuit of R&D programs. Notably, the CEO said, “the programs seek to improve immune therapies for lethal malignancies, and we are grateful for the support and attention we are getting from big pharma and these major research institutions.”

Commenting on the other study focusing on ovarian cancer, Equels said they received funding aid from the University of Pittsburgh. Interestingly, Equels noted that this study would seek to identify the best formulation of a combination of Merck’s Keytruda (Cisplatin) and Ampligen. Further, although Roswell Park is the main trial site, other sites across the U.S. will conduct parallel studies. The idea is to get comprehensive evidence that will support the development and commercialization of Ampligen.

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