CytomX Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CTMX) shared comprehensive highlights on the company’s pipeline in the clinical phase- CX-072 Anti-PD-L1 Probody Therapeutic Monotherapy. The presentation was made during the company’s inaugural 2019 Research and Development Day held in New York. Sean McCarthy, D.Phil. President, CEO, and Chairman led the team of the company’s top officials including Rachel Humphrey, M.D, Chief Medical Officer for the presentation.

Stock Information

The positive clinical data witnessed from a series of studies conducted on the treatment has since affected the company’s stock positively. During the just concluded business day, CytomX Therapeutics closed the session at $10.80 having soured 2.18%. The company’s market value also rose to $481.33 million during the session. The company is in great financial shape according to its full-year 2018 financial report. Management announced cash reserves and cash equivalents of $436.1 million for the stated period.

According to the team, the novel class antibody therapeutics leveraging on the company’s proprietary Probody™ therapeutic technology is showing positive Anti-Cancer Activity in a number of Tumor types. The treatment’s safety profile is encouraging as witnessed in Phase 1 Dose-escalation.

Results From Clinical Studies

Results from CX-072 treatment among 24 subjects with weak immunogenic tumors were as follows;  12 patients showed tumor shrinkage, 4 demonstrated partial responses, there was one confirmed partial response (still undergoing treatment), 2 unconfirmed cases of partial responses (subjects are off the study), and one unconfirmed partial response (still in the study). In terms of tolerance, CX-072 has showcased a positive tolerance throughout the study. The subjects mentioned above were treated with a dose of 3mg/kg of CX-072.

With a dosage of 10mg/kg of the dose, the treatment achieved favorable safety and encouraging biological activity endpoints. Eight of thirteen cases were positive with four negatives and one case of unknown status.

Additionally, the company presented primary data from its PROCLAIM-CX-072 program evaluating a CX-072 Dose of 10mg/kg in subjects diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), UPS, cSCC and anal SCC. For the cases mentioned above, subjects showcased a positive anti-cancer activity. The treatment posted a positive safety profile and superb tolerance.

“Our inaugural R&D Day will showcase the tremendous progress CytomX has made in building a pipeline of novel anti-cancer agents with our highly innovative Probody technology platform,”  Sean McCarthy, D. Phil, president, CEO, and chairman of CytomX Therapeutics.

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