Cerus Corporation (NASDAQ:CERS) has made public its fourth quarter and full year 2018 of its preliminary product revenue. Though unedited, the figures stood at $16.5 million, which was a slight increase from $16.2 million during the same period the previous year. Nonetheless, the figures are likely to change after auditing. On the side, the company is anticipating to make $60.9 million as product revenue for the full year 2018.

According to Cerus’ president and CEO, William ‘Obi’ Greenman, there was an increasing demand for safer blood components. The anticipation is that this should result in increased revenue growth. Greenman argues, “We finished 2018 strong with quarter-over-quarter and year-to-date growth in disposable kits led by French national conversion and U.S. demand.”

Heading into 2019 in more advanced style and mission

Orders for INTERCEPT platelets have been increasing for the last couple of months. The demand is likely to grow following the FDA’s recent publication. Though still in a draft format, the publication outlines the guidance and risk control strategies of collecting platelet as well as the transfusion.

As 2019 rolls out, the company is optimistic about making great changes. One of them will be advancing INTERCEPT to be the regular precaution for transfused blood components across the globe. The designing of the INTERCEPT Blood System promotes reduced threats of transfusion-transmitted infections. The system is currently in the US and European markets. It is also available in the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

On the side, Cerus will also be submitting U.S. regulatory submission on pathogen-reduced cryoprecipitate.

Expansion of the leadership team

With its well – outlines milestones for 2019 Cerus does not deny the fact that it needs to strengthen its management team. The company has hired William Moore to take the position of Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain.

Moore brings on board critical capabilities needed to settle some of the company’s objectives. With the increasing demands on Cerus, his experience and expertise will play a significant role in helping the company scale its business. He will be required to optimize operations to achieve maximum efficiency.

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