BHV-3500, a CGRP receptor antagonist from Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Co Ltd is ready to advance to a Phase 2 trial. This follows the achievement of targeted therapeutic exposures in Phase 1 clinical trial. The latter trial is exploring the possibility of profiling the safety of the agent in humans. Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Co Ltd (NYSE:BHVN) has been surging consistently to new highs. The stock gained 3.25% in the last trading session here is the reason why the stock is gaining new heights.

The Phase 2 trial aims to evaluate the efficacy the drug candidate expected to meet the needs of managing migraine. Estimations have it that about million Americans are suffering from a migraine, which can have diverse levels of acute attacks. Worse of it all is that more than 90% of the victims cannot function normally when an attack hits them. The condition is ranked as the seventh highest cause of disability worldwide.

CGRP receptor antagonists represent a novel class of drug candidates

CGRP receptor antagonists is a potential alternative to the current agents. It is a good option for patients who have contraindications in their use of triptans. The CEO of BioShin, Biohaven’s wholly-owned Asia-Pacific subsidiary, Donnie McGrath is zealous about the need for safe and effective acute treatments.

McGrath explains that migraine is one of the debilitating diseases in China. However, he affirms that with the rimegepant programs, the situation is likely to change for the better.

But Biohaven says they are a step closer to its goal of providing antagonist dosing options

The administration of the receptor antagonist drug candidate is through an intranasal (IN) formulation. An Aptar Pharma Unit Dose System (UDS) is used, and its design is so unique such that it erases the need for injection. The device has the approval of the FDA and for a wide range of products in the United States.

Speaking about the new achievement, Biohaven’s CEO, Vlad Coric writes, “We are excited…we are now a step closer to our goal of providing migraine sufferers with a range of noninvasive, CGRP receptor antagonist dosing options.” The company’s Chief Development Officer, Robert Croop adds that they are optimistic about providing migraine patients with rapid relief.

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