Coronavirus is hitting hard many industries around the globe, and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one of the companies feeling the effects. The business leader complains outlining that it is experiencing product shortages. It is going to be a testing time for persons with damaged iPhones because it will be challenging to find replacement iPhones. The shortages in the iPhone 11 and iPad Pro lines will be temporary according to sources close to the company.

Coronavirus effects on business performance

It was in an investor call that Apple spoke frankly about the situation it is currently in. The business guru outlined that it was losing hope in terms of achieving its business targets for the second fiscal quarter of 2020.

The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, is one of the leaders admitting that the Coronavirus situation is paralyzing businesses globally. He hopes the situation is resolved soon to shield businesses from the major losses. Cook reveals that there is going to be a temporary or a constrained iPhone supply around the globe. According to this leader, the situation may go on for about four weeks.

The situation on the ground

Reports indicate that the situation is not looking good in most of the company’s wide-ranging stores. It is believed that they are experiencing shortages, in terms of the individual parts. Remember that there are a lot of minor repair activities that go on in most of these stores.

The coronavirus situation has affected Apple implying such repairs won’t go on as usual. It is not business as usual for the business guru and also other companies around the world. The coronavirus scourge hasn’t yet been understood from a wider context of meaning, and even experts are still grappling in the dark. Many lives have been lost already, and it may be getting uglier for the business segment if a solution is not found soon. 

All is not yet lost considering an order that Apple has given out to its employees. The company has ordered stores to co-cooperate with the needy customers by mailing them replacement iPhones as soon as they become available.

The company has also re-opened a great deal of its China-based Stores, which had been closed because of the deadly virus. There is hope more might be –re-opened soon.

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