Amgen, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMGN) acknowledges the high cost of medication and the impacts it has on patients’ health. Further, it recognizes that many people lose their lives due to stroke and other illnesses since they cannot afford medication. In the spirit of public service, the firm announced a lower list price for its lead product, Repatha.

Patients to access Repatha devices at a discount

Repatha is a proprietary antibody that inhibits certain enzymes and proteins from binding and thereby averting the risk of strokes. Notably, the monoclonal antibody targets individuals whose bodies contain high levels of cholesterol. According to Amgen, doctors in over 60 countries globally are already prescribing Repatha.

Notably, most of the potential users of Repatha were unable to access the product due to expensive Repatha devices. These are the injectors that deliver the drug into the patients’ bodies. In this light, Amgen will allow patients to access all Repatha device options at a lower list price. In particular, customers can now access the devices at $5,850 which is 60% of the original list price.

According to Murdo Gordon, an Executive VP at Amgen, the strategy targets to lower the number of avoidable stroke-related deaths. Interestingly, Gordon acknowledged the crisis that stroke and heart attack are becoming.

Supreme Court declines to hear Amgen lawsuit

“Repatha can help to address this significant public health issue, which is why we are working hard to improve patient affordability by lowering Repatha’s list price to improve patient co-pays, especially for Medicare patients,” said Gordon.

Meanwhile, Amgen suffered a blow in court after U.S. Supreme Court judges declined the firm’s request regarding an infringed patent. Notably, Amgen went to court in 2014 to prevent Sanofi SA and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals to proceed with sales of Praluent. Interestingly, Amgen won the lawsuit, and the judge asked the firms to stop selling Praluent immediately. However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned the victory in 2017.

Therefore, it Praluent has been in the market since 2017, something Amgen wanted the Supreme Court to remedy. However, with the institution unwilling to hear the case, it is clear that Praluent, which grosses at $14,000 will continue selling. Interestingly, Amgen will continue to pursue justice via another active trial.

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